To find the square footage of a property, you’ll need to physically measure it or obtain the measurements from a reliable source. Here are some common ways to find the square footage of a property:

Home or Property Documents: If you own the property or are in the process of purchasing it, the square footage is typically listed in the property documents, such as the property deed, appraisal report, or property tax records. These documents often include essential details about the property, including its size.

Property Listing or Real Estate Websites: If you are looking to buy or rent a property, the square footage is often listed in the property listings on real estate websites. Many real estate listings provide detailed information about the property’s features, including its size.

Previous Homeowners or Sellers: If you are purchasing the property, you can ask the previous homeowners or sellers for information about the property’s square footage. They might have the details from when they bought the property or conducted renovations.

Blueprints or Architectural Plans: For newly constructed properties or major renovations, the square footage can be found in the property’s blueprints or architectural plans. These plans are usually available with the builder, architect, or relevant authorities.

Local Government Offices: Visit your local property assessment office, city hall, or county recorder’s office. They maintain records of property details, including size and assessment values.

Assessment Offices: You can visit your local property assessment office or city hall to inquire about the square footage of a property. These offices maintain records of property details, including size and assessment values.

Appraisal Reports: If the property has been appraised, the square footage will likely be mentioned in the appraisal report. Appraisers assess various aspects of a property, including its size, to determine its value.

Professional Measurements: In some cases, you may need to hire a professional appraiser or land surveyor to accurately measure the property and provide an official square footage measurement.

Remember that the accuracy of the square footage measurement is crucial, especially for legal or financial purposes. It’s always best to rely on official documents or professional measurements when determining the square footage of a property.