Condo lockers, also known as storage lockers or storage units, are additional spaces within condominium buildings where residents can store their belongings. These lockers come in various types and sizes to accommodate different storage needs. The specific types of condo lockers can vary depending on the building’s design and management, but here are some common types you might find:

Owner Lockers: Owner lockers refer to storage lockers that are exclusively assigned to individual condo owners or residents within the condominium building. Each unit owner has the right to use their designated locker for their personal storage needs. These lockers are part of the ownership package, and unit owners do not have to pay an additional fee to use them. They can access their owner lockers whenever they need to, and the contents of the locker are under their control.

Exclusive Lockers: Exclusive lockers are similar to owner lockers in that they are assigned to specific condo owners or residents for their sole use. The term “exclusive” implies that the locker is reserved and restricted to a particular unit owner and not shared with others. Exclusive lockers can be part of the ownership package, just like owner lockers, or they may be separately purchased by the individual resident as an additional amenity.

Rental Lockers: Rental lockers are storage lockers that are made available by the condominium management for residents to rent. These lockers are not assigned to specific units or owners. Instead, any resident who needs additional storage space can rent a locker by paying a rental fee. Rental lockers offer flexibility, as residents can opt for storage space on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on their needs. The rental fee is typically separate from the regular condo fees.

Common Area Lockers: In addition to the above types, some condo buildings may have storage lockers located in common areas, such as the basement or a designated storage room. These lockers are available for general use by all residents in the building. They are not exclusively assigned to individual owners, nor are they available for rent. Instead, residents can use these common area lockers on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as they comply with any rules or restrictions set by the condominium association.

It’s important to note that the availability and types of lockers can vary from one condominium building to another, as they are determined by the condo association’s policies and the amenities offered by the building management.